Bobbie& Irwin were great! They were a delight to work with. They did it all and made it easy for me. R. Cooper

They know their business and helped so much. Bertha

They are the best! They know their business and took care of everything.

The Benson Team sold my house in one week. They gave me great advice throughout the process and sold it for even more than I thought was possible in today’s market. M. Dart.

The Bensons know the market and were a pleasure to work with especially in this challenging market.

We truly never thought our home would sell and at the price it did, until the Bensons took over.

They were honest, they were fair and they got us the best deal!

The Bensons are the most hardworking Realtors. They are always available, held my hand through it all – the best Realtors I know.

Just a little note to thank you so much in helping us close our home purchase. Your excellent service was truly appreciated and we would certainly recommend you to all our friends and relatives. We hope to see you when we come back to Florida Dolly

I was most fortunate to have been represented by Bobbie & Irwin Benson in the sale of my property and their guidance in the purchase of another home. They supported me every step of the way. Their expertise in real estate is unsurpassed and their honesty and integrity are above approach. They are loyal to their clients and I have recommended them may times and will continue to do so. All of the referrals have praised them highly and felt they were wonderful. Charlotte

Bobbie: We very much appreciated your assistance in our decision to purchase our home in Valencia Pointe. Your knowledge of the various communities, locations and lifestyle in Boynton Beach was very helpful. You also looked out for us in the purchase agreement and made sure we had every form include prior to our making an offer. . Not only were you always on time for our appointments, but you were easy to work with and never pressured us for decisions. We enjoyed working with you and would be happy to recommend you to represent future buyers.

Bobbie & Irwin: We can’t thank you enough for selling our condo in such a short time! We never dreamed we would get as much money for the sale as we did and you always kept us informed. I recommend that a friend call you and you have already sold her condo also. Thanks again for everything. Shannon & Doris

I am writing to relate the experience I had selling my parents’ home with Bobbie and Irwin Benson. This was the first time I sold a home and it was especially difficult due to the circumstances surrounding the sale. I had recently lost my dad and then had the task of moving my mother to an assisted living facility due to health issues. On top of this, I had to sell my parents were happy in. Fortunately, I came upon Mr. & Mrs. Benson. Honestly the reason I chose them was because their names so closely resembled my parents’ name. I realize this is not the way to choose a Realtor, but, I was fortunate in finding the Bensons. Bobbie couldn’t have been nicer throughout the process of selling the house. She guided and assisted me in the paperwork as well as all that needed to be accomplished along the way. She went above and beyond what a Realtor needs to do to sell a home, always available for me and so knowledgeable about the selling process in general and specifically for the community requirements. Her kindness and compassion was a constant source of comfort. Her skill as Relator was a bonus that can’t go unmentioned. Within 3 months, the house was sold and this lifted a big burden. I should also mention that she was able to get a good price for the house. I can’t thank Bobbie enough for all that she did. Paula

I was extremely pleased with the professional manner in which the Benson team handled the sale of my home. They were always available to answer my questions and kept me updated as to the progress of the sale. My home was sold quickly and at a good price allowing me to move out of state on schedule.
Thanks, Bobbie and Irwin. You are the best. Joyce

Bobbie & Irwin. Thank you so much for the great job in selling my Mother’s house so quickly and efficiently. Your knowledge and expertise in the South Palm Beach Florida real estate market was a plus for me as I am from out of the state. I found it very easy to deal with you and appreciate all you did for me to expedite this sale. Cheryl

My mother and I had the pleasure of working with Bobbie and Irwin Benson during a very challenging time. My dad had recently passed away and we were looking to sell a condo quickly in a somewhat difficult real estate market. To make matters more complicated, we lived out of state. Working with them proved to be a very positive decision for manyreasons. Not only was the condo sold within a very reasonable timeframe, but Bobbie was able to negotiate a very good price. She was also a strong advocate for us and our needs and our best interest was well represented. The closing process went smoothly and I now look back knowing that we made the right decision in listing our property with Bobbie & Irwin Benson.

I was drawn to Bobbie and Irwin Benson thru their top shelf website. The website provided pictures, property details and links to useful information that was far superior to any of the numerous websites I visited online. Within a half hour of registering on the site, I received a phone call from Bobbie asking me how she could help. At that time, I was still in the early stages of exploring my options and not ready to pursue serious house hunting. Bobbie was understanding and assured me that she would be available when I was ready. When I was ready to begin serious searching for a new home, I reached in several different directions. Bobbie was by far the most responsive and responsible realtor that I spoke with. Working with Bobbie was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She guided me down the right paths. I really appreciate the fact she didn’t hesitate to point out the negative and positive features of the properties we toured. Bobbie is not a game player. She gathered all the facts and was outstanding in guiding me through every step of the negotiating and purchasing process. Bobbie is a great communicator and she makes things happen. Even though I was over 1100 miles from my new home during the closing process, I felt very confident that everything was well handled. Working with the team of Bobbie and Irwin is like getting two realtors for the prices of one; two sets of eyes and ears and two knowledgeable realtors, two points of view and two people looking out for their client’s best interest. I would hesitate to recommend the team of Bobbie and Irwin Benson to assist anyone with buying a home in the Palm Beach County area. Working with them, I had a wonderful satisfying home buying experience. Judy

Bobbie, I would like to thank you for your excellent service in helping to sell my mother’s house. Both you and Irwin made the process easy for me. From the beginning, I found both of you responsive and informative. You were very knowledgeable about the community it’s requirements for selling property there. I was very pleased with how smoothly everything went and how efficient you were. With sincere thanks, Jennifer

Dear Bobbie & Irwin,
We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to both of you for your hard work and dedication in connection with the sale of our home. As you know, a major concern of ours was that we had to relocate before the house was sold, and you both went above and beyond making us feel comfortable even at a distance.
You were terrific in your prompt and informative communications with us, as well as, your production work with prospective buyers. As your website says “sometimes more is more” and having the “Bobbie and Irwin Team” made a huge difference in all the details necessary for the sale and quick closing on our home. From the moment of first meeting and throughout our relationship, you both continued to demonstrate exceptional professionalism and always went above and beyond. We just wanted to say a big thank you for all you did to help us.
Jim and Kendall

Hi Bobbie:
I want to thank you so much for all the help you gave us. You made a very stressful situation much easier to handle. Having never done anything like this before, you certainly helped us through the process. You also went beyond what was necessary to make everything go smoothly. You certainly are terrific at what you do and it was a pleasure working with you. We appreciate your professionalism in selling the property. Thanks again for everything!

The Bensons were there all the time. Guided us through the entire process and answered all our calls and emails immediately. They were invaluable in the process of pricing the house. We were more than satisfied with their work and very pleased with the results. Their best attribute was their honesty. If you want excellence in buying or selling real estate, choose the Bensons. Our house sold in a matter of days!!!! All my questions were answered and they were always there to perform more than their required duties. I WOULD RECOMMEND THEM WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Thank you Bobbie & Irwin!

Mel & Eileen

Dear Bobbie
Jerry and I want to thank you for all you did to find us the perfect home. It took a few years, but, you did not give up on us and kept us in the loop. Your patience was greatly appreciated. With all of the homes we looked at over several years, you never pressured us. You always gave us an honest opinion.
Over the last 40 years, have bought and sold several homes, using several different realtors. We never had a good experience with any of them and never recommended any of them. WE WILL NOT HESITATE TO RECOMMEND YOU. YOUR INTEGRITY AND HONESTY MADE IT SO EASY TO GET THROUGH THE PROCESS, EVEN THE INSPECTIONS AND THE PAPERWORK.
We truly thank you for find us the beautiful hone and guiding us through it all!
Sharon and Jerry

Look no further for the best agents to help you find the perfect condo or home.

An awesome team – knowledgeable, well informed and a pleasure to work with.

Bobbie & Irwin Benson are a dynamo real estate agent team. They are extremely easy to work with, very
responsive to every call and explained anything I did not understand with great clarity and assurance – nothing was a problem. Both of them are very astute and knowledgeable about everything related to the preparation for sale and the process of selling a real estate property. They gave me excellent advice and contacts for contractors who were very professional and completed work in a timely manner. Bobbie & Irwin are highly experienced business people and will get the best deal for you. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with the results that were achieved. And very important, Bobbie & Irwin are “real people” who you can get to know and enjoy. It was a pleasure to work with this team.

Dear Bobbie:
Almost one month has passed since my villa was sold. In retrospect, I cannot believe what transpired for that sale to be completed. We, 99% you, went through grueling times to accomplish the sale. In the beginning, it appeared to be a normal sale. It turned out to be a nightmare for you. Your hard work and refusal to give up effectuated this

sale. I know had I chosen a different realtor, my villa would still be on the market.
Living in New York and not having been in Florida for at least five years, I depended on you for everything. The new for a new air conditioner, the new electric panel, the necessary permits and the association were all things that you basically took care of for me. There were many more particulars that you handled, incidentals that I’m sure would have caused me problems with any other realtor.
How you put up with the Buyer is still a mystery to me. Somehow you knew she would eventually buy. Her demands were outrageous, time consuming and unreasonable; you quarterbacked the whole deal and made it work.
I really did not think you would be able to sell the property so quickly. I anticipated having to pay the bills for probably another 10 months or so. Thank goodness I followed your suggestions and even with the closing delayed by the buyer four times, everything was finished in three months. We probably emailed or spoke every day during those 3 months multiple times a day.
Thank you! I couldn’t have found a more knowledgeable, efficient, patient, understanding and pleasant person to be my realtor. You are the ABSOLUTE BEST. If there is such a title, I’d recommend you be given the tile #1 REALTOR OF THE DECADE.
Thanks again,

We had excellent service with Bobbie & Irwin Benson. They helped us all the thru the process, giving us helpful advice.
W would recommend the Bensons to all our friends and family.
Thank you for everything you’ve done for us.
Marie & Gerard

Bobbie and Irwin did a great job selling my home. They were very professional in every way. We met to decide the price of my home and they let me take my time making a decision to sell. Once I decided to sell they averaged 1-2 showings per DAY. They helped me stage my home to sell. They right buyer came and they helped me through the negotiation process. I was always able to reach them by phone, night or day, even on the weekends.
I can’t say enough about them. I truly believe I found a Realtor who had and has my best interest at heart at all time and not a salesperson who is only looking for a commission check.
Oh, I forgot the best part. Bobbie priced my home 10% 20% above what the other Realtors said to ask for. AND SHE GOT IT!!!! Can’t beat that. She puts the other Realtors to shame. There isn’t even a close second.

Dealing with the purchase of a new home in a new state could be a daunting and stressful experience; however, we were fortunate enough to have Bobbie Benson as our agent. She is not only knowledgeable and professional but quite personable. She went the "extra mile" to accommodate our "must haves" and "needs". Bobbie was always available to answer any and all questions that we had about the community and the larger geographic area in which our community was situated. And if we might add, the purchase was completed via emails and telephone conversations!!!
I could write more 'cause we think that both you and Irwin are the best thing since "ice cream"!!
Diana & Edith

Dear Bobbie & Irwin:
We can’t thank you enough for your help in selling our home. We know it was challenging at times, but, you made it work. You did a magnificent job. You are both so professional, ethical and handled all details in an efficient manner. You are great communicators and always went out of your way to support and help.

I hired Bobbie and Irwin to help sell my parent’s home in FL. I live in the Boston area, so the entire process was handled without me being in FL. Bobbie took care of setting up all appointments for potential buyers and whenever an issue arose, she resolved it quickly. She was available at all times to answer questions and definitely had a flair for dealing with all kinds of personalities. Bobbie is very knowledgeable about real estate and knows the market very well. Because or her expertise in the industry, she was able to offer excellent advice to me on several occasions.
It was great working with Bobbie, knowing she had my family’s best interests in mind. I highly recommend Bobbie and Irwin to help you sell your home. You both certainly

helped make the process an easy one.

I was very pleased that Bobbie and Irwin kept me in the loop and made available all of the Broker’s and their client feedback. I found it as a good marketing tool and enabled me to have a better understanding of the housing market at that time. I was very pleased with the overall experience and would recommend Bobbie and Irwin to all of my friends and family.
As you can see I was extremely satisfied with their performance and as I said I was very pleased with the overall experience.

Bobbie knew the area and has a very good following and reputation in the area of my home. She was always helpful answering questions and researching information that she may not quickly have an answer for. I would recommend her. She has many years of experience in the Indian Spring development.

Dear Bobbie:

I want to thank you very much for the services you provided in selling my condo in Indian Springs. You provided me with good advice, excellent service and you were always available to me whenever I needed you.
You were very professional in setting the right price so my condo would attract serious buyers. You helped in all aspects of the transaction; both in receiving offers and in the closing of the condo. I want to thank you for all of your excellent services. I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs real estate services in Florida.
Again, with many Thanks,

Our experience with the Bensons was very satisfactory in every respect. They were competent about the technical details and patient through all the phases involved with selling a home. I would strongly recommend them to my friends.

Bobbie Benson’s name became known to us from one of her previous clients…and there are many of
them! She was very highly recommended and there can be no better referral from a very satisfied,
word of mouth client.
On a scale of 1-10, she gets a 10 plus from us.
Whether it was the listing, the offers, contracts, inspections, deadlines, appraisal or closing…Bobbie was there for us every step of the way, guiding us through the labyrinth of selling and closing on a real estate
transaction; all the while ensuring that our “best interests” were being served.
Bobbie is the “The Real Deal”. She is a seasoned pro…as well as a human dynamo! She has a deep familiarity with the Palm Beach real estate market, and an encyclopedic knowledge of the real estate
She is a conscientious, highly ethical, honest straightforward lady… loads with panache and charm.
Jeff and Sonia

We have bought and sold many homes over the years and had the opportunity to work with some excellent (and some not so hot) realtors.

Bobbie and Irwin are without questions – the best ever. They are quick, amazingly easy to work with, offer the right counsel at the right time, and connected us with other high caliber professionals. We will not buy or sell without Bobbie on our team!
The Coopers

Bobbie Benson did a great job for me. Suggested improvements in appearance to appeal to prospective buyers, helped price the property in accordance with recent community sales experience, was very pleasant, kept in touch, offered suggestions and saw the sale through to completion. A win, win for everyone involved, including the buyer.

On February 17th, 2016, my father passed away and a few months later I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Bobbie Benson. Bobbie is a realtor, but, not just a realtor. She is a realtor with a very compassionate heart. Bobbie helped me get thru a very difficult time with lots of understanding and listening. Bobbie found a Buyer for my Dad’s home in a pretty lean real estate market and at a very good price. I would highly recommend Bobbie to anyone in need of a realtor. SHE IS THE BEST!

I have known Bobbie for many years. She not only sold my house in 6 days, but has sold homes for a number of friends of mine. She has always been very professional and goes the extra mile….you cannot find a more honest and capable realtor. I would recommend Bobbie Benson and her husband to anyone…they make a great team and they get results.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this note to let you know what wonderful real estate agents the Bensons are. They helped my husband and I with whatever we needed. They were there every step of the way. Bobbie was wonderful when we had to find a condo right away that would give us a reverse mortgage. We really do appreciate them and so will you.
Sincerely, Sherry

Five years after having purchased my wonderful home in Delray Beach, family circumstances made it necessary for me to sell. When I had purchased the home, I had a wonderful experience working with Bobbie Benson as my realtor. It only made sense for me to return to Bobbie to list my home. I’m pleased to share that Bobbie sold my home in less than 24 hours. She flawlessly guided me through the selling process. Calling on her to help me again was a great experience. As a footnote, I am recommended Bobbie to my mother who was also selling her home. My mother also had an excellent experience with Bobbie at the helm.